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‘Tamsoma Jyotirgamaya – Lead us from ignorance to truth

Basic Primary Education

Basic Primary Education


JMMS gives the basic primary education which lays the foundation for their all-round development. The Bilingual Education ensures that the children are empowered to spread their wings even as they remains strongly connected to their roots. Their characteristic of networking with their extended families and familiarity with their traditional culture and traditions are supported even as their world is opened up to digital classrooms , exploration and travel.

All-round Development

JMMS works towards the total all-round development of the children which includes physical, emotional, inter and intra personal development. Co-curricular activities like elocution, painting and dramatics develop the students’ aristic skills and self- confidence.

Skills Development

Skill -Development


Art and Craft
Art and Craft opens up the doors to developing a life supporting skill, especially for those children who are not academically inclined. Needle work, paper craft, knitting, sewing and stitching are some areas of training.

In our Loom Room – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
JMMS staff underwent professional training in loom-work. Now children work on the Looms to make utility items like shoulder bags, durries, door mats, wall hangings, pot-holders and key chains. Aware of conservation of resources, a lot of practical applications happen in our Loom Room. Tailors’ waste, used polythene bags, discarded clothes – all these get transformed to utility items.

Inter-School Events
Our students participate in several Inter-School Events and return with accolades. Several prizes and recognition have come our way in competitions in Hand-writing, Essay Writing and Fancy Dress. We also regularly participate in Hope Marathon, Walkathons and Environment Protection events.

School Leavers



Supporting Secondary Education
JMMS support extends beyond the Founder’s vision of providing Primary Education. During their final year in JMMS, it is ensured that all the students appear for the entrance tests of reputed mainstream schools and those who secure admission are supported all the way through their secondary education. At present our School Leavers are continuing their studies in Doon Valley Public School, Jaswant Modern Secondary School , St.Joseph’s Academy , St. Thomas College and Mussorie Girls’ School, Olympus High and PYDS Learning Academy.

We are proud to say that, in the past few years, eight of our School Leavers have won scholarships to the Doon School, and two to the Welham Girls’ School.

Parents & Communities

Parent & Coummunities

Parents & Communities

From the beginning:
Right from the start, with the donation of village land to the school, the villagers have been co-opted in the activities of the school.
Villagers participating in the initial puja (prayers) at the school site.

Employment opportunities
JMMS identifies skilled and semi-skilled members of the parents and village community and absorbs them into the school’s working team .

Exposure to the world and Traveling opportunities
When the children are taken on Outstation Educational Trips, usually a parent too is given a chance to accompany.

JMMS supports the community in several ways.Parents are given opportunities to earn their living by routing their art work / products / and creations through JMMS Art and Craft Centre.
JMMS is a venue for the Outreach Program of Raphael Centre. A team of skilled persons come to JMMS to reach out to the disabled with diagnosis and counselling.
Raphael’s Outreach Program reaches out to the dyslexic and other learning-impaired children of the neighbouring schools.

JMMS is a venue for Cultural Programs of SPICMACAY (Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and And Culture Amongst the Youth) programs. The village community got a chance to view performing art forms like Odissi dance, Garhwali folk dance and listen to singers’ group, Bharat Bandhu.

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