On June 22, 2019, the foundation stone for the JMMS alumni group was laid in the presence of old and present boys of The Doon School and JMMS. This was initiated by Rahul Das, with the guidance of Sharvan Thadani & Arijit Banerji. Rahul Das is the 1st student of JMMS admitted to The Doon School, now studying kinesiology at Manipal University.

Inspired by the success of the DSOBS, the group will now work towards expanding the newly formed association to create an engagement platform where the past students can connect back to their alma mater.

In the coming days, the initial group will divide into smaller teams, go door to door and personally meet the prospective alums to collect information for the alumni database. This will be shortly followed by batch reunions with a view of introducing active participation. The aim for the near future is to sustain this initiative and create an effective action plan to set and achieve goals.

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