In the winter season when it snows there, birds from cold countries come to India. Class V reached Assan Baraj by 00: 9 a.m. Mr. Bharat Sharma and Mr. Suniti Dutta with their expertise on environment, were ideal as the guides for the trip. They had so much information which they passed on to the children using maps and binoculars. Birds like White eagle, Kite, Gold rush etc. were all in their groups and it was a pleasure to watch them through the binoculars. Two rivers Asan River and the Eastern Yamuna Canal flow together here. There was a parrots’ path. In case one got lost, the map would be helpful to find the way. As it was a bird Sanctuary there were no wild animals.

It was a memorable morning for all the students. They chirped away as they returned to the school with new knowledge and experiences.

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